Ironhack Challenge 3: Usability Evaluation and Site Redesign

  • choose a user type;
  • Choose a destination and do research;
  • compare some travel apps and choose which one will be most suitable for the user type;
  • Test the app with users;
  • Redesign.
  1. User type

They will be travelling to Osaka, Japan.

Photo from The Invisible Tourist
  • There are two airports in Osaka: Kansai International Airport (KIX), another international hub; and Itami Airport (ITM), which is entirely domestic.
  • The currency is Japanese Yen (1 Eur = 126 JPY)
  • Visa: Wing-ni holds a Hong Kong passport, while Benny, Flori, and Catrina hold EU passports. They do not need a visa and can stay up to 90 days once the entry is allowed.
  • Vaccination: Generally speaking, visitors to Japan do not require any special vaccinations. While it will be only a short stay in Osaka, a major city in Japan, vaccination is considered not required for all of them.
  • January is a cold month in Japan. The temperature will be around 2–8 degrees Celcius. Winter jackets and clothing will be needed.
  • Since they can do sightseeing in nearby cities, 14 days would be ideal for a relaxing trip in Osaka and some day trips at neary cities at the same time.
  • TripAdvisor allows users to view flights, hotels, things to do, restaurants, shopping, and more information. There is also a wide range of recommendations as to what travellers can do during the trip by just scrolling further down at the home screen.
  • Skyscanner allows users to choose flights, hotels, cars, and holidays, and options for the users to explore where (e.g. recommended cities to travel) and when (quick getaway and next three months) to travel. The outcome will link to the flight and hotel information/ price, but not to the attractions of that particular place.
  • Kayak has very similar functions to Skyscanner, with one additional feature noticed, which is the “Guides”, whereby some people shared their travel recommendations.
  • Hopper is even simpler, with just functions to choose flights, hotels, and homes. No recommendations whatsoever.
Heuristic Evaluation

Therefore, TripAdvisor is more suitable for my user type.

Questions Asked:

  • What do you think this App is about?
  • What is your immediate impression of the App?
  • What is the most impressive button/word/function you can recall?
  • What do you see you can do there from the screen?

Answers to the test:

Problems floated…

  • The filter button is not easy to spot. Even though the button was found, a user could not find how to set the price from low to high. Because of this, she stopped searching for hotels in the app.
  • The map showing the location of the hotel is actually good. But it took a while for them to find the map button, as it is also associated with a confusing icon.
  • Two users shared the same views that the given results are just random and not trustworthy.

”I don’t like the random results. I would rather go back to use my trusted website to find deals. “ by Flori

“When it comes to booking a hotel or flight, the app redirects me to some booking sites, of which the booking procedure is not always transparent. When I clicked on a flight deal that says 765€ per person / budgetair, I was redirected to “” which is very confusing and overall made everything less trustworthy. I don't think I would get the best deal in the app.” by Benny

“Trusted website”… “not trustworthy”…

Key things I have learned throughout the process:

  • Asking the right questions is very important to help find out the problems.
  • Not all users are the same, they have different opinions and preferences. Sometimes, we cannot make everyone like something, but we can strike a balance.
  • A user is not equal to all users. Sometimes, we have to make judgments.
  • Identifying my users, doing research, benchmarking, interviewing, testing, redesigning. Faced difficulties and had them solved. It is just a full process of learning! I have enjoyed the process and felt that I have learned something new again!




UX/UI Designer in Berlin

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Wai-sum Choy

UX/UI Designer in Berlin

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